Streaming information

As musicians, churches, schools, and other organizations adapt to new circumstances due to COVID-19, it’s important for all to keep in mind that streaming or video recording most music requires additional permissions and licensing.


Some of the same organizations that you may already partner with, including CCLI or One License, offer streaming licenses that cover many pieces from multiple publishers. Instrumental or choral music streamed online in a concert or worship service, as well as any use of our music or lyrics in online presentations, rehearsal tracks/videos, or other supportive formats can also be licensed directly through Music Services, Inc. You can also purchase an easy and cost-effective virtual choir bundle from our partners at Virtual Choir HQ


Securing permissions and reporting uses are essential for composers and authors, as well as their publishers, to continue creating and producing music. We humbly appreciate your diligence in continuing to use music responsibly, even as the way we use it evolves.


If you want to share a piece that is already in your library, you have permission to share as many digital copies as you own physically  If you are selecting a new piece and purchasing a digital edition, be sure to buy enough copies for everyone in your ensemble. You many only share copies within your organization. If you have questions, please reach out. We are happy to help you.

You may make, record, and share practice tracks if they are used for rehearsal only and kept within your organization. If this is something that you frequently do, you may want to consider a license from CCLI or One License that enables you to create practice and rehearsal tools. 

We understand that this is a regular and frequent need. We offer professionally recorded Performance/Accompaniment CDs and Digital Accompaniment MP3s that are available for purchase and encourage you to consider using them. If you would like to create your own recording, please contact Music Services and obtain a mechanical or synch license. 

We give you permission to hold rehearsal over a livestream rehearsal as long as:

- The rehearsal is not recorded or distributed
- The livestream only includes members of the performing ensemble (no audience)

You must obtain a synch license for this use. Obtaining a synch license from Music Services is quick and inexpensive. Visit – click “License music” and search for song information. Music Services representatives are always happy to assist you with securing any kind of license.

You need to secure a license for streaming. Licenses from CCLI or One License cover the use of music in a streamed worship service. You may also contact Music Services for a license. 

You need to obtain a synch license from Music Services or obtain a CCLI streaming license. 

Yes, it is okay to post your service to YouTube, but you need a license to do so for any copyrighted music that is in your service

While it is unlikely for a live musical performance, YouTube and Facebook have algorithms that may automatically identify copyrighted intellectually property, be it videos or songs. Even if you have permission to use a song, recording, or video clip, the algorithm may still flag your content. If you have any questions about a specific instance were one of your videos was taken down while using our copyrights, please feel free to contact us. 

No, My Choral Coach is not licensed for distribution of our publications.

If you are using this for the purpose of rehearsal within your organization, we give you permission to do so. However, if it is used in performance you need to obtain a mechanical license. We encourage you to look at our Performance/Accompaniment CDs and Digital Accompaniment MP3s offered for many of publications.

You are welcome to adapt or change arrangements of music if it stays within your organization. This is also covered under a CCLI license. 

You can purchase an easy and cost-effective virtual choir bundle from our partners at Virtual Choir HQ. This bundle covers all permissions needed to practice, create, and post your virtual choir to any platform. All you need to do is purchase one copy of the choral piece for every performer on our website,, and purchase your Virtual Choir bundle at Virtual Choir HQ. Go to to learn more. 

We have heard from some of you that you're having trouble finding some Lorenz titles on This does not mean that you are unable to use those titles. We are working with One License to update these titles and make them easier to find. 

If you are unable to find a title, you are able to easily and manually submit a title for licensing. You can read the details on how to do that on the One License blog