Frequently Asked Questions


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Product Questions

Sample audio for much of our choral, keyboard, instrumental, and handbell music is available on our website. When viewing a product's details, click the icon under "Samples" to left of a particular product in the Ordering Information table. An audio player will open in your browser. If you wish to continue looking at a page, you can close the audio player—the playback will continue! To pause playback, click the  icon to the left of the original product, or select another product to listen to.


For many items, you can also find Score Browser videos, featuring music pages synced to audio. Click the  icon under "Samples" to the left of a particular product in the Ordering Information table. You can find all of our Score Browser videos on our YouTube channel.

Sample pages for many of our products are available on our website. When viewing at a product's details, click the icon under "Samples" to the left of a particular product in the Ordering Information table. A new browser window will open with the sample pages.


For many items, you can also find Score Browser videos, featuring music pages synced to audio. Click the icon under "Samples" to the left of a particular product in the Ordering Information table. You can find all of our Score Browser videos on our YouTube channel.

Log into your account at any time and download your music from the My Downloads section.


All three of these names are abbreviations for Performance/Accompaniment CD. These CDs have both performance/demonstration tracks and accompaniment tracks. These recordings may be used in rehearsal or performance as needed by the performer(s).


Some of our choral P/A CDs are labeled "P/A CD plus Split-track." In addition to the performance and demonstration tracks described above, these CDs include an additional rendering of the piece with the accompaniment in the left channel and vocals in the right channel. Split tracks can be useful to support your choir without using the full stereo mix of the demonstration recording.

To access the data files on a CD:


  1. Insert the CD in your computer's CD/DVD drive.

  2. Open your computer’s file manager: File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

  3. In your file manager, open the CD/DVD drive folder.

  4. In that folder, open the folder "Data Files." The files may be directly in that folder, or they may be in a subfolder there.


Note: You may need to have a specific program installed, such as a PDF viewer or PowerPoint.

Follow these steps to access the free downloadable part or file that comes with a product:


  1. Search for the product on our website. We recommend using the product number. Most products have this number on the lower left corner of every page. You might also check near the barcode or on the spine of your book.

  2. Click on the search result for that item.

  3. Click on the "Free Downloads" button beneath the cover image.

  4. Select the part(s) or file(s) you need.

  5. Click "Download." These files should be placed into your computer's downloads folder automatically.

Unfortunately, Adobe decided to discontinue support for Flash in 2020. While the software can still be played within Flash-enabled software and web browsers, some systems may not support Flash anymore. For browser instructions, support, and more specific information related to your system, please get in touch with your hardware’s manufacturer.


While we have stopped selling and developing products based on Flash, we do still have interactive software options available that are based on other platform technologies. be sure to check them out!

Unfortunately, if the product is out of print, we no longer sell it. For some products, we may still have a digital version available for you to order online. If you already own a copy of an out-of-print piece and need additional copies for your choir, please contact Music Services to obtain permission to reproduce it.

If the song or part isn’t usually available separately, please call 800-444-1144 and our customer service representatives will work with you on a solution.

Order Questions

Effective Dec 1, 2021, we will no longer be able to accept purchase orders on All payments must be made by credit card.

Certain types of products require a minimum number of copies in order to place an order on our website. These include most choral and handbell items for which a copy is requried of every member of your ensemble. Most anthems, octavos, cantatas/musicals, and choral collections require at least eight copies, and handbell sheet music and collections that aren't reproducible require at least five copies.


If you need individual copies of these items, please contact a representative at 800-444-1144.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, it can be returned within 60 days for full credit if the following conditions are met:


  • All returned items were purchased directly from The Lorenz Corporation.
  • A return authorization was obtained prior to sending us the return. To start this process, please call 800-444-1144 or email and provide the following:
    • The title, product code, and quantity of the item(s) you want to return
    • The reason for the return
    • A copy of the original invoice, the invoice number, or the sales order number.
    • Your name, email address, and phone number
  • The items must be returned within sixty (60) days of the invoice date.
  • All returned materials must be in like-new condition. Items with stickers, stamps, or markings cannot be accepted and will be returned at the customer's expense.
  • All items must be returned postpaid.


The following items may not be returned.

  • Recorded products
  • Accompaniment instrumental parts (e.g. cantata orchestrations)
  • Opened software
  • Out-of-print items
  • Digital downloads


If a return is unauthorized or improperly documented, The Lorenz Corporation may:

  • Refuse the return, or
  • Accept the return at a value of 25% of the retail cost


After obtaining your return authorization, returns can be sent to the following address:

      GIA Publications

      7404 S. Mason Ave.

      Chicago, IL 60638

      Attention: Returns

We do run promotions on occasion throughout the year. To be notified of these offers, sign up to receive e-mails and catalogs from The Lorenz Corporation based on your music preferences. Promotion codes must be provided at the time of purchase to qualify.


Customers who serve in church music ministry should check out the Lorenz Choral Club. Members can receive a variety of discounts on orders.


Codes must be provided at the time of purchase to qualify.


For website orders, enter your promotion code in the last step (payment information screen) of checkout. If you have any issues, please call us at 800-444-1144 prior to submitting your order and we’ll help you complete it with the offer.


For phone orders, please let the representative know that you have a promotion code to use and they will apply it to your order if applicable.

Please check the expiration date and make sure that you entered the code exactly as it was advertised. Also note that certain products may be excluded from offers, and some offers are only available to certain groups such as Lorenz Choral Club members. If you are still having issues, call us at 800-444-1144 prior to submitting your order and we’ll help you complete it.

Standard Shipping

Packages sent with Standard Shipping are typically delivered via UPS Ground. Orders ship from our distributor in Chicago, IL, and delivery typically occurs within 5 to 7 business days for most addresses in the United States; however, supply chain delays may increase delivery times.


Shipping and handling (S&H) charges are based on your order total for physical items before any discounts and taxes are applied. These charges (see below) will be displayed during checkout before you submit your order. 


Order Total Orders shipping to the United States  Orders shipping to Canada 
Under  $10.00 $6.95 $9.95
$10.00–$19.99 $7.95 $11.95
$20.00–$29.99 $8.95 $13.95
$30.00–$49.99 $9.95 $15.95
$50.00–$74.99 $10.95 $17.95
$75.00–$99.99 $12.95 $19.95
$100.00–$199.99 $14.95 $24.95
$200.00 and above 10% of order total + $4.95 10% of order total + $9.95


Expedited Shipping

If you need your order more quickly, please call us at 800-444-1144 during our customer service hours (9:30 AM–6:00 PM Eastern, Monday–Friday) to determine what options may be available. Additional fees apply.


International Shipping

If you need a product shipped outside the United States or Canada, please contact our distributor, GIA Publications, Inc. Downloadable products are available globally.

Most orders are currently shipping in 10-12 business days. However, due to supply chain and delivery service delays, we cannot guarantee that timeframe.

Yes! We’ll send a confirmation e-mail immediately after you place an order, so you know we got it. Then, we’ll send a second e-mail once we process your order with your order number and tracking information.


You may also check the status of your order when you sign into your account online and view your order history.


If your order does not arrive as expected, Contact Us and we'll be happy to figure out what happened.

If you believe your order should be tax-exempt but you see sales tax has been added, please submit this form and wait until you have heard back from us before placing your order. We will respond as quickly as possible during business hours.

Subscription Questions

Some of our print subscriptions included a free digital download with purchase. To redeem your free digital copy, please contact us with the codes included on the back page of your magazine issue and we will send you a PDF of the issue.

Website Questions

Individuals: visit our Create New Account page and follow the steps.


Organizations (especially tax-exempt organizations): call 800-444-1144 or e-mail to ensure your organization's account is set up correctly.


Your password needs to meet the following criteria:


  • Must contain both letters and numbers
  • Must be between 8 and 31 characters


In addition, we suggest that passwords contain:


  • Both upper-case and lower-case letters
  • Contain at least one special character like . ? ! @ ;


Please see our Permissions and Licensing page for more information.


We will consider for publication submissions of music and lessons that fit within the scope of our catalog. Before submitting your work, we recommend that you take some time to familiarize yourself with the music and resources that we have published in the past few years to give you an idea of what our customers associate with our imprints. View our Submit Your Music page for more information.

The CDs we include in our catalogs and other promotional materials are often using an MP3 format to bring you as many samples as we can. Please verify that your CD player can play MP3s.


If your player can’t play MP3s, please check out our website and YouTube channel for recordings. Much of our music has sample audio or Score Browser videos available online.

The best way to do this is to create a new account, or sign in to your existing account, and complete your profile with addresses and preferences.


If you prefer to receive e-mails without creating a new account, enter your e-mail address in the footer of this (or any) page and select which product categories you would like to learn more about.